maandag, juni 7

7th june

I've heard it's pretty where you are

vrijdag, mei 28

something i'll most probably never have.

Next month is my birthday, and i really think that these alexander wang boots would make a very fine gift, seeing that my mom will not buy them for me, anyone else?

you know what, a pair of rad hourani shoes will do just as fine if not better : )

opening ceremony

zaterdag, mei 22

A nude guy..... seldom a bad thing

I do!

this is my new bad romance in different ways

zondag, mei 16

The last unicorn.

So, last week I went to paris and I can tell you that I had a blast! I saw, ate and did amazing things, and i also got a myself new pair of black boots, and a pretty trenchcoat. I too searched High and low, far and wide, but Carine was nowhere to be found.
But while being there I also went to Disney land. And now i'm going to say something really banal, but that place does stuff to me. I get into this fairytale mood, and while the last unicorn is not a disney, it is a fairytale. And do not laugh, but I think that movie is a very inspiring one.

woensdag, mei 12


by petrvosky & Ramone

maandag, mei 10

You can call me flower if you want to


You may have noticed or not, that I haven't been blogging actively for a very long time now.

Usually I have great excuses like not having time for example, But this time that's not really the case. You may be wondering what I've been upto, well not that much really. I shall be very blunt and honest with you. I haven't been blogging, because I just didn't feel like it.

But I'm back again, and once again i'm not going to promise but say and think that I mean it that I'm going to blog more actively.

zaterdag, april 17

Uncommon Creatures

The clothes are very very coveted by me, and the styling in these pictures is so good.
I also like the fact that the collection was based on the orthodox jewish style.


So these really are the last shoes Alexander Mcqueen designed. Though I do really like them, everytime I see his fall 2010 collection I know that that was really it. His final work.

zondag, april 11


This Z00 magazine editorial is Beautiful as it is creepy. The shots are amazing and the styling does my mood pretty good.


woensdag, maart 31

maandag, maart 29


I loved this collection so much that I just couldn't resist posting this. And I know you really don't mind at all.

Madeleine Vintback

Amazing, truly amazing... Madeleine Vintback made my evening. The collection was well amazing, but the shoes are just divine.
vanilla scented

dinsdag, maart 23

Cedric Rivrain.

If there's one talent that I would've loved to have, I would be to draw like this. I'm quite good at drawing, but no where near as this. The drawings are made by Cedric rivrain, and Sasha is wearing Jil sander and Prada.

maandag, maart 22

Chloe Jumpsuit.

I was quite excited today, I was finally going to do an outfit post after a very long time. But then I accidentally spilled coffee over my whole outfit, so i guess you can understand that that's cleary not going to happen today. So i'm just going to post someone else's outfit that I really like. I aboslutely love the colour and the fit.

Hanneli Mustaparta

zaterdag, maart 20


This Thursay, i went to the opening of the new I LOVE VINTAGE store. And I really did enjoy myself. What I really liked about it all, was that the store looked so different from most vintage stores. It didn't have too much clothes( yes i think that's a real thing, too much clothes in a shop ) and it looked very clean and organized. I also really had fun with meeting other people and bloggers for instance.

I tend to forget my camera when going some where, and this time I did so too. But thank other bloggers like Andy from for allowing me to steal the pictures she made. well, i'm the guy on the first picture and I wore a tee from zara, a cardigan from zara, vintage leather pants and vintage shoes.

woensdag, maart 17

I know, I'm bad. I really am the king of inconsistentsy....sorry. Once again I'm sorta promising that I'll start blogging more often.
Having that said, I find this editorial from last magazine to be quite nice.

her hair!

I'm going to type the strangest thing ever, well for me. But I have a thing for girls with long brown hair.

dinsdag, maart 9

Gareth Pugh A/W 2010

Sometimes, in the not so bright times, I ask my self why do I have such a great interest in fashion? Why would I even bother trying being somebody in a industry as tough and hard as this one? Sometimes I wonder why I didn't just choose to study law, I mean it's far more reliable. But seeing things like these make it all so clear to me. Few things can give me such a satisfactory feeling as fashion, and law is certrainly not one of those things.

I really love the heavy looking but light fabrics and the whole gender bender thing in this collection.