maandag, december 28


Stop with all the angry faces, the titel is so not referring to those shoes. Yes i too know that these are quite the opposite, These are the shoes that made me lose my heart. But anyway, this saturday I went to the last million dollar kids party, and I had a blast! Me and my beautiful everlasting legged vriend valentijn went, and she wore the most amazing kind off home made nina ricci shoes! And guess what, I forgot my camera, yes I am that smart...

vrijdag, december 25

dinsdag, december 22

Simple and Clean.

I am loving this simple ad campaign for the collaboration of Jil Sander and Uniqlo.

zaterdag, december 19

First step.

my friend and co-designer, models and me.

Hurrah! After many weeks of sewing, stressing, organising and many minutes spent thinking about what the best way is to end my life because can not bare stress anymore, The fashion show finally happened. And gee am I glad it's over. Sure, I'm not as good as an Nicholas Ghesquiere or an Alber Elbaz yet, but now I know I want to be, and I think I did quite good for my first time. And to me this does really feel like a first step in the right direction.

also I will be uploading images of the collection later, because even I can see that this picture isn't really doing it any good.

zondag, december 13


Bet you'd want to know what i'd look like, well here I am. The photo is made by my good friend David, who has a blog aswell, you might wanna check it out.

Also I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I know it's one of those standard excuses, but it's true. You might be wandering what could be keeping me so busy. Well, me and my friend are creating a fashion show, I know right. It'll be on the 17th of december and all the gainings will go to a charity called Warchild, yeah I know right. And i promise that after next week, I shall be updating way more often.

Top, H&M trend/pants, H&M/rings and wristwear, H&M and Bijou Brigitte/shoes, Sacha.


I just love acne. If I had to pick one brand to wear for the rest of my life, right now i'd probably say acne.

vrijdag, december 4

The dark crystal.

I don't think i've ever wanted somebody to put a ring on it as bad as now.
ring by L'Age d'Or

All hail the queen eugenie Niarchos!

She's wearing the givenchy couture headband in the most pefect way.

zondag, november 29

Alexander Wang.

I liked it alright, but I never really loved the black version of this bag. And I'm pretty sure that i'm one of the very few who didn't. But I am totally crushing on this baby! I would buy it in a heartbeat. There is just one minor setback: the price.....

COVER magazine.


maandag, november 23

Whyred spring 2010.

this collection gives me butterflies.
vanillascented at freshnet

zondag, november 22


This girl is just too cool. Am totally in love with her fiery red hair, if I were a girl, my hair would have been the same colour, And ofcourse the Acne atacoma wedges wich I can never see too often. But especially her tattoo caught my attention.
Garance Doré

zaterdag, november 21


Am totally loving the bleached eyebrows look. Sure it doesn't work for everyone, but what does?


Sure ain't no Sabrina.
I-D December 2009

vrijdag, november 20

R.I.P. Daul.

Gosh, that really hit me. I liked Daul Kim from the start, but for the past few weeks she was really growing on me. She's going to be missed by many.

woensdag, november 18

Hands down.

There are very few things that make me feel more satisfied than being able to celebrate creativity. And after a long, tiresome and dreadful day, it's seeing things like these that make me not want to break things. It may look like it's sequined, but it's not if you look closely you can see that it's actually chains that are sewed to the fabric, I mean who does that?! So, thanks Luxirare for saving my tableware.


She never lets me down.


dinsdag, november 17

What dreams may come.

What I have, I don't want to lose,
but where I am, I do not want to stay,
The ones that I love, I don't want to lose,
but the ones I know, I do not want to see,
where I live, I do not want to die,
but where I shall die, I do not want to go,
I want to stay, where I've never been.
- Thomas Brasch

maandag, november 16


I do not know why exactly, but this reminds me of the childlike empress from the neverending story. I bet it's the fact that she wears a not so similar kind of crown hmm....

160grams magazine.


I understand, images of these Alexander McQueen shoes have probably been thrown at you lately. What you say? Ofcourse I'd never think you'd mind me posting these babies again.


Balenciaga almost never fails to amaze me, and this season was no exception. I loved almost everything about it The sihouette, the coulours and especially the draping made the corners of my mouth go up.

Source: I forgot..

Under the bridge.

I like iekeliene, she's not your average pretty girl, and that's just the thing that I like about her. And i'm glad her hair is darker again, I find that it works way better for her.

Dree Hemingway.


zondag, november 15

My little pony.

I really do like this dress from the Kimperly Ovitz spring/summer collection.

Columbine at Freshnet

If I only had alot more money....

Too bad my wallet is hungry.
boots, Acne. wallet, Acne. ring, Opening Ceromy. creeper boots, Opening Ceremony

zaterdag, november 14


Hah! I know what i'll be doing today.


donderdag, november 12


I never learn. Every year when it's summer I secretly long for fall and winter. And every year when the weather starts to change, I really ask myself why I longed for fall and winter?
Rackk and Ruin

Kate Lanphear.

I just can not get enought of this woman! I could wear this anytime.

All the pretty birds