vrijdag, mei 28

something i'll most probably never have.

Next month is my birthday, and i really think that these alexander wang boots would make a very fine gift, seeing that my mom will not buy them for me, anyone else?

you know what, a pair of rad hourani shoes will do just as fine if not better : )

opening ceremony

zaterdag, mei 22

A nude guy.....

....is seldom a bad thing

I do!

this is my new bad romance in different ways

zondag, mei 16

The last unicorn.

So, last week I went to paris and I can tell you that I had a blast! I saw, ate and did amazing things, and i also got a myself new pair of black boots, and a pretty trenchcoat. I too searched High and low, far and wide, but Carine was nowhere to be found.
But while being there I also went to Disney land. And now i'm going to say something really banal, but that place does stuff to me. I get into this fairytale mood, and while the last unicorn is not a disney, it is a fairytale. And do not laugh, but I think that movie is a very inspiring one.

woensdag, mei 12


by petrvosky & Ramone

maandag, mei 10

You can call me flower if you want to


You may have noticed or not, that I haven't been blogging actively for a very long time now.

Usually I have great excuses like not having time for example, But this time that's not really the case. You may be wondering what I've been upto, well not that much really. I shall be very blunt and honest with you. I haven't been blogging, because I just didn't feel like it.

But I'm back again, and once again i'm not going to promise but say and think that I mean it that I'm going to blog more actively.